This song was written as an exercise in saying the things that I needed to hear. The line “you are not your work or art” came out during a conversation with a friend and I immediately wrote it down, knowing it was special. At this weird time in history, having a song to remind you are that you are more than the sum of your work or production. You are more than what you’ve been prescribed, and you are more than the molecules in your body, feels very important. It feels important to me, and it feels important to say. This song was written pre-covid-19, but it feels as important now, if not more important, than it did when I wrote it last year.

The first single off Cape Disappointment’s second EP “Sawkill Creek,” comes to you with a brand new sound and vision. Cape Disappointment, raised with indie rock and classic folk, blends his love of both into a unique and original sound. Based in Seattle, WA. Sawkill Creek is out now on Bandcamp, and out all other digital platforms 4/24/20.
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Doug Indrick
Drums by Doug Indrick
Trumpet by Sarah O’Dea
Bass by Jesse Gallaway

Cape Disappointment is the moniker for Seattle-based songwriter, Jeffrey P. Martin. He writes “raw, honest, stripped-down” songs about places, loss, love, and life. He’s been playing all over the country for the past decade—everywhere from New York to Seattle. Formerly as Jeffrey Martin, now as Cape Disappointment.

The first release from songwriter Jeffrey P. Martin under the moniker Cape Disappointment. This EP focuses on the stripped down, introspective nature of Martin’s songs.


“Hoping Leonard Cohen can help…”-

Cape Disappointment’s “Southward Bound”